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Distinguished Authors Guild 2023 Literary Award Winner (Memoirs): "Surviving A Silenced Heartbeat"!

GetcaughtinANet Inc., celebrates the triumphant win of our CEO, Annette Harris in the “Literary Award (Best Memoir)” through the 2023 Distinguished Authors Guild!

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November 8, 2023
DAG Awards Show

Congratulations, Annette Harris, Award Winning Author of (Surviving A Silenced Heartbeat)!

Surviving A Silenced Heartbeat (SASH)

The time is NOW!

39 years later.…

 And I still hear your heart beating

 As if it were only yesterday


Announcing my first book, entitled:

‘Surviving a Silenced Heartbeat’ (SASH)

"If you suffer from the tortuous pain of losing a loved one - even if it happened many years ago - it's not too late to find TRUE healing."

Annette Getcaughtin ANet, Author - "Surviving A Silenced Heartbeat"

SASH is on the move!

It's been a busy time for SASH!
We've made several appearances on other shows, and we recently had a tremendous Book-Signing Event! Etc. Etc.

Here are some pictures and videos from those events!

No upcoming events at the moment
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