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If you are dealing with any type of GRIEF, purchase your copy today so that you can #findyourheartbeatAGAIN!


#2022istheyearofHealing is my God-given hashtag and inspired theme of this year! By the time you finish reading this book, it will be your hashtag and theme too, even if you have to change the year.


No one likes to go through the lows of this life alone. It is crucial to have someone to walk with you during those tough moments. Maybe you don't know someone who understands your circumstances, but I have trudged through the trenches of grief. I hope that my story will be the push you need to fight through your pain.


No matter how long it has been since you lost a loved one, your healing process must take place. Are you ready to declare that this year is your year of healing?

SASH Paperback Book

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