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SASH-Talk VLog-Podcast

I have been commissioned to promote POSITIVE MENTAL HEALTH, so as your Certified MHA (Mental Health Ambassador) I am NOW the host of the NEW VLog-Podcast “SASHTalk (based off the best seller, Surviving A Silenced Heartbeat)”, brought to you by GetcaughtinANet, Inc.!

You've known me as a radio host personality for the past 10 years and I’ve been helping real people deal with real-life situations! Now, I’m adding a podcast! Think of this experience as a NET for your mind to mend! I was inspired to begin this podcast because we’ve all been on lockdown for a long time and that little voice in all of our heads was getting louder and louder....sometimes, screaming "HELP"!!

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SASHTalk God-Inspired Platform


Here you will find:

*WHAT mental health means to you;

*WHEN it’s important to address and when those issues occur;

*WHERE mental health resources are available and

*HOW we can develop POSITIVE mental health.

The purpose of this podcast is to give a safe

space and provide the tools for you to mend your mind!


SASHTalk Discussion Videos distributed by GetcaughtinANet, Inc.!









SASHTalk Press Kit


SASHTalk Press Kit2

SASH Meet the Author Contact Sheet1

SASH - Meet the Author

Annette CPMHA #unbothered

Be OK with People NOT Liking You!

SASHTalk Relationship Eval

SASHTalk Re-evaluate Relationships

SASHTalk - It's ok if you don't like me

NOT everyone has good taste!

SASHTalk Wellness Tip

Take Care of Thyself

SASHTalk Photos

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