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GetcaughtinANet Inc.

Annette Harris, is the CEO of GetcaughinANet Inc.; an online radio show host (Mind, Body and Soul w/ANet), an Author of her Literary Award nominated book, “Surviving A Silenced Heartbeat”, a Vlog host (SASHTalk, based off of her book) and she has ALWAYS had a desire to understand the mentality of mankind, which is what motivated her to enter into the area of Psychology, Annette’s mantra is, "Everything Starts in The Mind"!


With a determination to return to school, Annette was finally able to walk across the stage at Trinity Christian College in June 2013 for her Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Her ultimate goal is to become an LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor) upon completion of graduate school. On the way to graduate school, Annette caught the bug of becoming a radio show host! She wanted a way to continue nurturing what she already learned in undergrad, so Annette prayed about it and MBSWANET (Mind, Body and Soul w/ANet) was born!


Annette Harris 

MBSWANET is a unique radio show that was created as a connection between Psychology and the Bible/Spiritual Realm to help and give voice to the many hurting people across our nation. Always caring for people and having a genuine concern for the well-being of others, Annette takes time out to be that listening ear and will give advice\counsel when asked.


MBSWANET aired its’ first live show on November 27, 2013 via the terrestrial radio station, WGBX, am1570 and is currently airing weekly on Wednesdays from 12-2pm CST on Facebook and on her YouTube channel: GetcaughtinANet Inc. via MBSWANET celebrated 10 years of existence in November of 2023.


In 2020, Annette became a Positive Mental Health Care Ambassador because of her concern about the mental state of everyone, especially of those who are dealing with a life crisis (whether it’s minor and/or major)! The Covid-19 pandemic has certainly opened the doors for depression, panic and all forms of mental illness to occur and it’s the catalyst for this new appointment.


In May 2023, as an extension of her book, Surviving A Silenced Heartbeat (SASH), Annette felt led to record daily inspirational talks to encourage positive mental health. These discussions are called #SASHTalk (Where Talks Turns to Transformations)! You can be inspired by listening on TikTok, IG, Facebook, YouTube, www.getcaughtinanetradio.come and also on WCGM Digital Broadcasting 



November 8, 2023, was another great highlight for Annette! It was on this day that she was blessed to become an Award Winning Author through the Distinguished Authors Guild for her first bestseller, Surviving A Silenced Heartbeat (SASH)!


If you didn't catch our online radio show live, you have the opportunity to #GetcaughtinANet right here!


ALWAYS Find us on:

YouTube: Get Caught In ANet, Inc.

Facebook Live: Annette Getcaughtin ANet

Instagram: @Getcaughtinanet

Cashapp: $getcaughtinanet



39 years later.…

 And I still hear your heart beating

 As if it were only yesterday

 Announcing my first book,

Award Winning Bestseller:

‘Surviving a Silenced Heartbeat’ (SASH)

"If you suffer from the tortuous pain of losing a loved one - even if it happened many years ago - it's not too late to find TRUE healing."

Annette Getcaughtin ANet, Award Winning Author - "Surviving A Silenced Heartbeat"

Now available ONLINE at: 


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